Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lazy Luxury

I received my first eyelash curler when I was 12 years old.  I became instantly hooked on the way it crimped my stick-straight lashes up, opened my eyes, and brightened my small face.  I carried it everywhere, curling my lashes at least hourly.

The other thing I developed an early taste for is luxury.  So I am thrilled with Eyeko's limited-edition Blue Velvet eyelash curler.  The ergonomic finger pads feel so much nicer than the usual metal loops.  And the curler looks pretty on my bathroom vanity.

Nowadays, I'm much more beauty-lazy than in my years of pre-teen cosmetic fascination.  I don't like spending time on make-up, and typically go out with only eye gel, tinted moisturizer with sunscreen, a spritz of Shalimar, and curled lashes.

So one of the few decades-long constants in my now-minimalist routine is an eyelash curler.  And when you use something every day for most of your life, it should look and feel great while it makes you look and feel great.

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