Thursday, April 30, 2009

Eureka! A Rational Liberal on Twitter!

So many liberals attack me verbally on this blog, twitter, and elsewhere in ways that are presumptuous, vitriolic, ad feminam, and just plain rude. That's why it was so refreshing to read my twitter pal Noebie's post this morning, about areas where he speculates we agree. It's a thoughtful post, and I encourage you to read it and jump in the conversation.


Erbo said...

Holy Diogenes, Batman! An honest liberal? Guess it is possible...

Charles said...

Quite thoughtful posts on both your parts. My primary disagreements with "liberals" usually center around the following precepts: "That government that governs least governs best." and "Spend less than you earn."

Unfortunately the Republican Party has not truly practiced either of these philosophies, hence, complete collapse of power at the executive and legislative levels Federally.

I, frankly, am so disgusted by politics and fund raising and lobbying I await a great reawakening. Unfortunately, I think a lot of what Heinlein refers to in "to sail beyond the sunset" is true when he writes about "bread and circuses" - is it too late?

Fire of Elijah said...

My thoughts exactly! I like to fish, some liberals like to fish,I like to go out to eat,liberals go out to eat. Liberals like coffee shops, I like coffee shops..etc How many married couples are there who have a liberal husband and consevative wife (or vice versa)? They had to agree on something. I can talk to most people and get along with them, how ever I'll bet once they know I'm a Christian their attitude changes. The problem is right away (I see this with liberals more,but both sides do it)someone resorts to cussing out the person and cutting him or her down and won't even take a minute to think or check facts. I would also venture to say that both liberals and conservatives love freedom!

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