Thursday, November 20, 2008

Joe the Plumber's Privacy Worth One Month of Snooping Bureaucrat's Pay?

My SamSphere colleague Maggie Thurber reports that Ohio Governor Ted Strickland is suspending Helen Jones-Kelley, director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, for one month without pay for inappropriately accessing confidential information about Joe Wurzelbacher, a.k.a. Joe the Plumber.

The state's Inspector General found:

The justifications [Ms. Jones-Kelley] offered in support of her decision were not credible, and they included contradictions, ambiguity, and inconsistencies. The information she said she relied on emanated from unreliable sources, such as blogs [hmmph!] and hearsay. Therefore, we find that she had no reasonable basis to authorize searches on Wurzelbacher.

And for this she gets one month off? For violating a citizen's privacy and lying about it? Her agency has power to affect the well-being of Ohio families. She should be fired, sued, and probably prosecuted.

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Jim-the Classical Liberal (Views from the Right) said...

But that will not happen...and THAT is change we can believe in...

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