Thursday, October 16, 2008

This Time, Obama Has Gone Too Far

Major League Baseball has agreed to delay the start of Game Six (if there is one) of the World Series in order to accommodate Barack Obama's 30-minute campaign commercial. The first pitch is usually thrown 8:22. But The One has purchased a 30-minute ad block, beginning at 8:00, on major networks for the night of October 29. FOX was contractually obligated to carry the World Series game, so MLB has agreed to step aside in order to allow the network to air the Obamessiah's commercial.


Tessie's Dad said...

This is that "change" thing again, right?

Old national pastime: baseball.
New national pastime: socialist pandering to the deluded masses.

Yes We Can said...

Didn't the NFL change its opening night kickoff time to 7:00 to ensure that the game would be over before Sen. McCain's acceptance speech? Was that going too far?

Tessie's Dad said...

yes we can, there is a big difference between live coverage of a news event and a paid political advertisement. You might not be able to tell that by watching the MSM, but trust me; it's true.

BTW, nice screen name. Did you come up with that all by yourself?

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