Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama's Homage to the Entitlement Mentality

Well, that certainly wasn't worth delaying the Rays' comeuppance.

Barack Obama's 30-minute homage to the entitlement mentality opened with The One trying to look presidential in a mock Oval Office, as he explained that he would be introducing the audience to some "Americans who are looking for real and lasting change that makes a difference in their lives".

First up was Rebecca, a middle-class mother who, the Obamessiah intones, bought a house in the suburbs so that her children could attend good schools. She explains that her husband has delayed surgery in order to avoid trying to get by on his disability income. The kids have to make sacrifices too; she opens the refrigerator to point out each individual family member's door shelf, which contains all the snacks they get for the week. The family mini-van sports stickers representing each member of the family and its pets.

What "change" does this mother want? "[A]n end in sight to all the worry and the chaos of everyday living, trying to make ends meet," she says in a voice-over as images of her son playing football appear on screen.

"All over the country I've met families just like Rebecca's," says Sen. Obama.

Families with suburban homes. Good schools. Disability coverage. Mini-vans. Pets. Athletic equipment. And personal refrigerator shelves.

Well, then, Sen. Obama, I really don't think they need any wealth spread their way.


Stephen Kruiser said...

Oh, the horrors of American suburban life! The "chaos of everyday living,"?!?!? She said that with a straight face while the minivan was parked outside?

Ah, what do I know? I'm probably just on edge because I'm about to endure the hardship of a Southern California winter.

Ike said...

The problem with "spreading the wealth" is that everyone wants it spread in their direction, and is oblivious to the possibility that the icing on their cake might get thinner.

And the trees were all kept equal by hatchet, axe, and saw.

Stix said...

I know it willbe tough, but you aregoing to have to tough it out Stephen.

The horror of rationing snacks,having to drive a minivan and going to football games. Man they got it tough.

Chuck said...

Sorry, I was busy doing nothing last night, missed it.

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