Thursday, July 24, 2008

Slaying Leviathan

Potomac Books plans to publish my book, Slaying Leviathan:
The Moral Case for Tax Reform
, in May 2009.


J. Tyler Ballance said...


Where are the requisite teaser excerpts?

Is there a centerfold? :-)

Charlie Fugate said...

Congratulations on your achievement. I'll be the first on my block to purchase.

Isophorone said...

Congratulations! Please let us all know the specifics closer to the actual publication date.

Actually, this brings up an interesting question: Is it better to state the moral case for economics, or the economic case for morals?

Leslie Carbone said...

Thanks to all who've offerred kind congratulations.

Economics and morality are inextricably intertwined, and you'll be able to read all about it May, D.V.

Bryan Atchison said...

Fantastic news! Congratulations!

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