Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Doyle Hire a 57-Star Red Flag

Barack Obama doesn't just know better than all those bitter, gun-slinging, God-clinging small town Americans what's good for them. He also knows better than his as-yet-unnamed would-be Vice President.

The rookie Senator, who married Michelle Robinson Obama, spent 20 years at a church pastored by Jeremiah Wright, bought real estate from his fund-raiser Tony Rezko, and picked Jim Johnson to head up a committee to vet candidates for the second-most powerful job in the world, has hired Patti Solis Doyle, a fired aide to Hillary Clinton, as Chief-of-Staff to his vice-presidential nominee. A Clinton donor called the move the "biggest f--- you I have ever seen in politics".

But it's not just an insult to Sen. Clinton. It's also an insult to the ultimate Democrat VP pick--a clear signal that Sen. Obama intends to be the one calling the shots, without input from the people most affected.

And if the 46 percent of Americans who say that Sen. Obama doesn't have enough expreience to be president were hoping that he might balance the ticket with someone who does, this ought to be a big, red, 57-star flag.


Tessie's Dad said...

Oh, so that's how it's spelled; I always thought her middle name was "soulless."


S said...

What do you make of the fact that PSD is involved with a 527 lobbying for Obama to choose Hillary as the VP?

Zane Safrit said...

I've always chuckled at opponents of Obama, who appear to be supporters of the current occupant of the WH, point to Obama's lack of military service as a reason he's not fit for the office of President.

I'm trying to remember if anybody can tell what our current President did while he served in the national guard in Alabama? There are no attendance records for him there.

And the Vice-President? As hawkish as he is, surely he had a long and proud record of military service. No? Oh, right. He chose deferment 5 times saying he had other things to do.

Well, what about Donald Rumsfeld? Nope, no military service there.

Bob Gates. No active service duty. During Vietnam he was in intelligence.

Karl Rove? Chuckle.

Scooter Libby. Nope.

Dan Bartlett. Nope

Ari Fleischer. Nyet.

Tony Snow? No.

Condi Rice. Cue Laugh Track. But her predecessor did. Oh, but they didn't want him any more.

So then not only is the current occupant of the WH not qualified under your terms...but his whole administration is unqualified.


Tessie's Dad said...

Nice straw man you've got there, zane safrit. Whose cornfield did you steal it from?

(Honestly, I've never heard anyone decry Obama for his lack of military experience. It's his lack of any useful experience whatsoever that we find troubling.)

Anonymous said...

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