Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Amit Singh for Virginia 8

Congressional candidate Amit Singh on Saturday picked up the endorsement of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Virginia. Mr. Singh is running in Virginia's June 10 congressional primary for the Republican nomination to replace 8th-District embarrassment Jim Moran.

The race provides a microcosmic look into the bold colors v. pale pastels identity crisis facing the Republican Party nationally.

Mr. Singh stands for the principles that define the Republican Party--limited government, fiscal responsibility, personal freedom, and Constitutional integrity. I had the pleasure of chatting with Mr. Singh about these principles last month. He recognized that federal meddling has worsened many of the problems it was supposed to solve and proposes free-market solutions to reverse the damage. For example, he supports privatizing airport security and partially privatizing the Social Security system. He opposes the Incumbent Protection Gag Rule known as McCain-Feingold. He favors making the Bush tax cuts permanent and has signed my friend Grover Norquist's Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Mr. Singh is generally pro-life and asserted that life begins at conception, though he would allow exceptions, such as in the cases of rape or incest.

By contrast, Mr. Singh's primary opponent, Mark Ellmore, has been likened to Mike Huckabee, without the charisma, a pro-life Democrat-lite willing to trust the government to solve problems. "Had the government not intervened in some cases it could have had catastrophic consequences," he explained on American Chronicle. While he has signed Mr. Norquist's Taxpayer Protection Pledge, he supports increasing tax transfers by expanding programs like Medicare. He even favors job-killing regulation like minimum wage mandates.

Mr. Ellmore reflects what the Republican Party has become, misled by ersatz pragmatism into policies that damage the country and cheapen the Republican brand.

Mr. Singh reflects what that Republican Party should become again, led by core principles toward policies that work.

I look forward to marking my June 10 primary ballot for Amit Singh. If you live in Virginia's Eighth Congressional District, I hope you'll join me.


Freddie said...

Amit Singh is a Ron Paul follower who is an isolationist and wants to retreat from Iraq.

ej said...


Have you ever read Singh's Iraq portion of his website? His position is a lot more nuanced, and he wants to place pressure on the Iraqi government and stop reducing this Iraq debate down to stupid bumper sticker lines over troop levels.

He is not for cut and run. Just because he shares some views with paul doesnt mean they are identicle. Im sure you now support McCain over Obama/Hillary. Does that mean you support amnesty for illegal immigrants?

My point exactly.

Nena Bartlett said...

On the contrary, Amit is dedicated to the principles of our founding fathers. This includes Thomas Jefferson who maintained that "peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations" was important to maintaining freedom in our country and diplomacy abroad. George W. Bush also called for a conservative foreign policy and this was a main reason for which the American people elected him as president to our great nation.

Moreover, the standards for a "just war" provided by our founding fathers were not met with the Iraq war. No one disagrees with this fact, and yet many believe that we must stay there "for 100 years" if it takes that long to achieve peace, and thus there is a logical discussion to be had about the merits of this war in Iraq. Amit, however, is as much an "isolationist" as Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington were.

Jason said...

Freddie, come on man get with the program.

Amit Singh's opponent has actually called himself a "Ron Paul Republican."

I am still undecided, but I am heavily leaning towards Amit and the more I hear the more I like.

Freddie said...

I've heard Amit Singh speak. He's not as circumspect when he speaks. He calls the Iraq war "Operation Babysit." He's a Ron Paul guy supported by the local Ron Paul organization.

Thomas Jefferson sent troops to North Africa. He was not against sending troops overseas when he thought it was needed.

Frank said...

You can watch the video of Ellmore saying he is a Ron Paul Republican over at www.Viddler.com/VoteAmit08

He goes on and on about his respect for Ron Paul.

(click on the tabs to jump to the 51 minute)

Andrew said...

I live in the 8th and have yet to examine the candidate's records for the GOP nod. That said, one of two things are required to unseat Moran:

1) The GOP challenger needs to be wealthy and willing to pump a million or two into his/her campaign (an unfortunate reality)

2) Moran needs to pull another *Moran* and either one-up himself with anti-semitism rhetoric or get arrested for extreme thuggish behavior of some sort.

The notion that Moran can be unseated without 1 or 2 occurring in a likely Dem-leaning election cycle in a district containing increasingly blue constituencies and the Peoples Republic of Alexandria is a pipe dream. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Amit is commited to limited government, personal liberties, and fiscal responsibilities, similar to Congressman Paul. Plus, Singh is more electable than Ellmore in the 8th district.

MS said...

How can he be a libertarian and advocate limited government and also be a pro-life nut job?

Anonymous said...

MS, how is Amit a "pro-life nut-job?" Yes, he personally feels abortion is immoral, but feels that the FEDERAL government shouldnt play a role in it. How is that a nutjob stance? Thats a perfectly legitamate, conservative, limited government stance.

MS said...

Federal government has a responsibility to protect our liberty. A woman's right to choose what to do with her body is her liberty. Any TRUE libertarian would understand that.

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