Thursday, April 24, 2008

Don Gillis, R.I.P.

Boston sports fans are mourning last night's passing of Don Gillis, remembered as the "dean of Boston TV sportscasting". Mr. Gillis was 85 and sufferred a series of strokes in recent weeks. Although I've been living in Virginia for years, regular readers of this blog know that I remain a committed Boston Red Sox fan. I grew up watching Don Gillis during those dark years when the Sox had the best pitchers, the best hitters, and the worst managers in baseball. After the catastrophe of 1986, I insisted that the Red Sox would win a World Series in my lifetime. "How long are you planning on living?" New Yorkers and other rude people would sneer. Well, I've lived long enough to see the Sox win the World Series twice, and I'm glad Mr. Gillis did too.

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