Monday, January 21, 2008

Clinton Squandering Credibility??

The squabbling between the Clinton and Obama campaigns just gets sillier and sillier.

Now Sen. Obama is complaining that Bill Clinton is irresponsibly abusing the assumed "credibility" of a former president.

You know, if you have something that just directly contradicts the facts and it's coming from a former president, I think that's a problem because people presume that a former president is going to have more credibility. And I think there's certain responsibilities that are carried with that.

Does Sen. Obama remember the Clinton Presidency? Credibility and responsibility weren't its hallmarks.


Tessie's Dad said...

Some questions prompted by the "Swamp" article:

Is Robin Roberts really that inarticulate, or does that article have a bad transcript?

From the transcript: "Obama: President Clinton went in front of a large group, said that I had claimed that only Republicans had had any good ideas since 1980. Then he added, I'm not making this up. He was making it up. And completely mischaracterizing my statement." Is that a completely made-up assertion, or a mis-characterization? I fail to see how it could be both, Senator Obama.

Why should anyone place any stock in the credibility of a convicted perjurer?

Watching these two snipe at each other continues to be fun.

Anonymous said...



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